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Free HR to focus on what matters with our powerful approach to leave management.

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Teams can self-serve

Staff view leave balances and request time off from their dashboard – freeing up HR.


Smooth leave management

Minimise admin time with staff leave requests, approvals, and balances all in one central hub.


Visualise time off

Gain insights into the team’s skill mix with a calendar view of pending and approved time off.

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People time off management

Our intuitive dashboard makes it simple for HR to monitor leave balances, pending requests, and upcoming time off. 

Stay informed and in control of your team's leave. Your HR team will love how much it improves their productivity.

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See your staffing levels

It’s easy for HR to work out the ideal staffing levels with our leave calendar.

Approved leave requests are shown in block colours and pending requests are left white. 

This makes it easy to spot overlapping leave and plan your team's needs accordingly.

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People are empowered to book leave

Your teams can view their leave balance, current holidays, and request more time off from their dashboard.

Automating this process saves your HR team loads of time and lets them focus on business-critical work.

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It’s designed for your HR team

Admins can easily customise the Time Off feature to suit your organisation's policies and preferences.

Configure leave types, accrual roles, and more until everything meets your business-specific needs.