Our Story

Put your people first with Plumm. With fully integrated HR and mental wellbeing support,
Plumm is your way to put your team at the centre of everything you do. 

Our Founder 

HR promotes employee wellbeing, but funding for mental health support often lags behind. Asim, inspired by this, built Plumm, an all-in-one HR solution with mental health at its core. By tying these two crucial aspects together, companies can overcome investment hurdles and create a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

Asim has built multiple businesses that thrive on innovation and strong team collaboration. But his passion for mental health awareness comes from a personal place. His mother's struggles and his own positive experiences with therapy fueled the desire to champion mental health awareness and fight stigma.

We introduced Emma AI, a mental health and HR virtual assistant. It’s a big shift towards AI-enhanced HR solutions that prioritises your team's wellbeing. This evolution represents a significant step in offering comprehensive HR tools that combine efficiency with a focus on employee mental health.

It's all about innovation and putting people first –which is what Plumm is all about!