Clarity Statement

At Plumm we genuinely believe that clarity is key thus we want to make sure boundaries are respected and you understand what to expect from us.

As with pretty much all the products, using Plumm means you agree to these boundaries, as well as our Privacy Policy. Transparency is one of our key values hence the rest of our legal fine print, in case you're wondering, can be found here.

  1. Plumm Is Not A Crisis Service. click here to copy this link

    We are not an immediate crisis service and we don't employ staff to be on call. We're also not a medical service. If you think you're having an emotional crisis and if you’re in the UK, please call NHS 111 for non-emergency advice. If you think you might harm yourself or someone else, please call the Samaritans on 116 123, ring 999, or go straight to A&E. For all other countries, please refer to these resources.

  2. Plumm Is Not A Replacement For Medical Treatment. click here to copy this link

    Plumm’s mental health providers are able to support you if you want to keep on top of your emotional wellbeing. They can work with you if you experience anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems, so long as you're able to manage your wellbeing day-to-day and aren't considering causing harm to yourself or others. If you need more support than Plumm can offer, we will work with you to help you find that support.

  3. Plumm Is 100% Confidential Within Legal & Ethical Limits. click here to copy this link

    According to UK law, our mental health professionals must contact the emergency services if they believe you might hurt yourself or someone else, or if you mention terrorism or money laundering. If you're involved in a crime, a UK court might ask us to share any information we have on you and we'd legally have to agree, even if all the information we hold about you is your session booking details.

    All our mental health providers are required by the Ethical Framework to have a clinical supervisor. Therapists may discuss some of their work with their clinical supervisor, but if they do, they must keep you anonymous. This means they won't tell their clinical supervisors anything that could identify you - they will only discuss clinical matters, such as what technique to employ or how they can support you better.

  4. Plumm Does Not Offer Advice. click here to copy this link

    Therapy is not advice. Our mental health professionals can't tell you how to live your life. (Nor would you want them to.) Therapy is about helping you find your own answers.

    Our mental health providers will use their training and clinical experience to offer you the best guidance and mental health support possible. When you send us a question through the Chat Session feature, our mental health providers will give you their thoughts about the sorts of things you might want to consider, given the limited information you shared.

    Where we feel that your question would be better addressed in a therapy session, we'll say so in our reply. If we are concerned about you, we may encourage you to work with us to find further support. Or it may be that during therapy our mental health providers ask you questions that challenge your assumptions. None of these things means that we're telling you what to do. Your choices define you, so we can't make them for you.

    The language Plumm and our therapists and coaches use will always make this boundary clear. If you ever feel that this isn't so, please let us know immediately by emailing us at

  5. Plumm Is Unable To Provide You With A Formal Diagnosis. click here to copy this link

    Whilst our mental health professionals can provide support and intervention for a wide number of common mental health disorders, they are unable to provide you with a formal diagnosis. If you require this, you should talk to your GP about a referral to a psychiatrist or specialist service.

  6. Plumm Video Therapy Should Not Be Used Whilst Also Seeing Another Therapist. click here to copy this link

    In general, it's not recommended to regularly do sessions with more than one mental health professional at the same time. So, for people who are already seeing another mental health professional, we don't recommend starting therapy with Plumm simultaneously.

  7. Plumm Is Dedicated To Providing A Platinum-standard Service. click here to copy this link

    We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. We're GDPR compliant. We monitor the quality of service that our mental health providers provide, and make sure they stick to the Ethical Framework set out by the UK’s leading regulatory bodies (BACP, BPS, BABCP, UKCP, HCPC, NCS and similar).

    If you are based in a different country, this means any legal action would have to be raised in a UK court. Obviously, we hope it will never get to this.

    If you're not sure about something, have any questions, or would like to give us feedback, just drop us an email at We respond within one working day.

    If you wish to raise a therapy related concern or complaint about a mental health professional, please email us at privately and securely. We begin a full investigation for any report sent to this email address.

  8. Plumm Would Require You To Cancel On Time. click here to copy this link

    We are a fully remote, super flexible, bunch of people and although we love being understanding we also appreciate being respected. This is why we need 24 hours notice if you can’t attend your therapy sessions with Plumm. If you can’t make a session, just reschedule using the link available in the confirmation email or email us as soon as you know you can’t make it.

    If you give us more than 24 hours notice, you can just reschedule the session for another time. If you cancel late or arrive late for the session, we’re going to have to count that session as used, whether you were there or not.

    We always pay our mental health providers for booked sessions.

    Also, if you are having a course of therapy and miss more than two consecutive sessions, we reserve the right to cancel any upcoming therapy/coaching sessions that have been booked by you. This is because we’d rather allocate those sessions to the many people out there who need it.

  9. Plumm Needs You To Do Your Homework. click here to copy this link

    We do everything we can, on our end, to make sure Plumm therapy sessions run smoothly. However, some things are on you.

    You’re responsible for finding a private and safe location wherein to have your session, a space where you can speak without fear of being overheard or interrupted.

    You’re also responsible for letting those around you know that you don’t want to be interrupted during your therapy session.

    Finally, you need to make sure you have a good enough internet connection to attend the session, as poor internet connections may affect the quality of your session. So please have a look at our troubleshooting tips, if your internet connection is poor. We’ll also try to help. If your therapy session is considerably disrupted by having a bad connection and your therapist informs us that you’ve missed a significant proportion of your session because of that, we will happily re-arrange that session for you.

    This document was last updated on 15th May 2023.