Taking Task Management From Chaos To Calm

Boost productivity, spot performance issues, and keep things running smoothly with Plumm's intuitive task management system.

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Increase productivity

Plumm Tasks ensures everyone knows exactly when and what they need to do.


No more overdue reviews

Teams can see upcoming tasks, track progress, and prioritise as needed.


Managers can easily oversee

All your people’s tasks are visible, so support can be provided if someone is falling behind

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Stay on top of scheduled reviews

Plumm Tasks automatically assigns scheduled performance reviews from HR to the relevant team members, so everyone’s aware of their outstanding tasks.

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Visual overview of team tasks

Gain a visual overview of what each team member has done, what they're currently working on, and any outstanding tasks. 

Managers have the flexibility to delete or mark tasks as complete to ensure efficient task management.

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Free your HR team

Save time and reduce manual effort by automating the assignment and tracking of tasks. 

Plumm Tasks streamlines the process of scheduling reviews and assigning tasks, so your HR staff can focus on supporting your people.