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Effortlessly manage your complete hiring process with Plumm Talent – our powerful ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

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Efficient hiring

Simplify every step of the hiring process from job post to onboarding – all in one platform.


Bespoke workflow

Customise the hiring process to fit your organisation’s unique requirements.


Improve your process

Insightful analytics and powerful reports help you optimise your hiring workflow.

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Quickly list a new vacancy

It’s fast and easy to list an open position. Our AI-assisted workflow helps you quickly draft the role requirements.

And then it’s just a few clicks to choose the platforms you’d like to advertise on.

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Overwhelmed by applications?

If you’re using a traditional hiring method, you’ve got to juggle applications from several sites. 

This is confusing, wastes time, and you might miss the best person for the role.

Plumm Talent displays all applications in one central hub, so HR can manage them efficiently with less manual work.

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Screen applicants your way

Every company is unique. So we make it easy to create custom screening requirements.

Whether you prefer applicants to answer text questions or submit video responses, Plumm Talent supports it all. 

With powerful filtering options, you can quickly review applicants and create your "yes," "maybe," and "no" lists.

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Streamline interview management

Easily schedule and conduct interviews from your dashboard. Make notes and rate each candidate in real-time. Responses are saved for later review.

Metrics show how you’re progressing through the applicant pool and also highlight the highest-rated talent so HR has less to manually track.

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Onboarding made easy

Great work – you’ve found the perfect candidate and it’s time to send an offer. Plumm Talent makes it fast to create and send a custom contract.

Once they’ve accepted, it’s simple to trigger your automated new hire workflow – this gets them set-up with minimal HR input.