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Our People Management tools streamline your HR processes, improve team collaboration, and boost productivity.

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Easily manage performance

Help managers set clear goals and conduct performance reviews to drive productivity


Efficient HR processes

Streamline administrative workflows and reduce human error for both HR and your teams.



Enhanced teamwork

Make collaboration and knowledge sharing easy with tools like Group View and 1-on-1.

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Drive team performance

Use our AI assistant to quickly set and review SMART goals at an individual, team, and department level to keep everyone on track.

An informative dashboard keeps HR aware of exactly who’s doing what and highlights anyone who might need some support – or qualify for employee of the month!

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See your organisation differently

An interactive Org Chart helps you understand the business structure and reporting relationships.

Immensely useful when onboarding, it also offers insights into team compositions and communications pathways that can inspire better decision-making processes.

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Assemble the perfect team

Want to launch a cross-department project? Group View makes it easy to find the ideal skill mix.

Easily filter people based on languages spoken, department, or even hobbies. It makes collaboration that much smoother.

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Schedule meetings quickly

Regular 1-on-1 meetings and performance reviews are now simple to schedule, prepare for, and document within the platform. 

Templates and AI assistance help HR and managers stay organised with less admin work. Overdue reviews are obvious at a glance, and completed reviews can be revisited at any time.

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Understand what your people want

Our Survey feature makes it easy to poll all or some of your teams, so you can quickly discover your team’s thoughts.

Emma AI lets you generate complete surveys with just a few clicks. This gives your HR and management team the information they need to make data-driven decisions.

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Make hiring a breeze

Plumm's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes new talent simple.

From job descriptions to screening applications and scheduling interviews, this is your all-in-one solution, powered and supported by our revolutionary AI technology.