Track Team Morale
With Plumm’s Intuitive
Mood Tracker

Gain valuable insights into your team's mood and workplace morale with your Plumm Mood Tracker.

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Improve your team’s mood

People reflect on their mood daily – this helps them identify trends and triggers.


Gain insights at a glance

Easily see your team's overall mood and track changes over time with powerful analytics.


Support your teams

Test interventions and see exactly how your team responds.

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Make mental wellbeing a priority

Give your people a few minutes to check in on their mental health each day. 

Mood Tracker helps them quickly log their feelings and gives space for some optional journaling.

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Teams can take ownership

Every team member will see a summary graph showing how their mood has fluctuated over time.

This lets them identify themes and can give a gentle nudge towards self-care.

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Real-time mood insights

Managers and HR get access to extensive analytics that help you understand exactly how your team feels.

Customisable date ranges let you explore how employee engagement and morale change over time.

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Take the guesswork out of HR

HR interventions aimed at improving employee morale and wellbeing become data-driven. 

Instant staff feedback is available when new initiatives or policies are tested. 

This feedback loop lets HR make evidence-based decisions that support employee satisfaction and productivity.

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