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Plumm integrates seamlessly with the tools your team already uses, keeping everything centralised and making life easier.

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No fragmented workflows

Access Plumm directly from MS Teams and Slack. It's all at your fingertips – no jumping around.


Secure & easy to use

Plumm integrates with Okta, so your team can access everything they need with one login.


Customisable for your needs

Whether you need a custom integration or just some guidance – our team is here to help.

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Adoption. Wellbeing. Productivity.

Our integrations are simple to set up. Just a few clicks on your Admin dashboard and you’re good to go.

Plumm integrates seamlessly, so you can enjoy all our powerful features directly within your preferred service.

Because it fits into your teams’ current workflow, they’ll use all our functionality – boosting mental health and helping them do more!

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Do more in Microsoft Teams

Bring the power of Plumm to Microsoft Teams!  No more app switching or hunting down information.

Our MS Teams integration puts everything right there at your fingertips. Schedule therapy sessions, manage HR documents, and tackle tasks – all within the familiar Teams environment.

It's like having a built-in wellbeing and HR assistant – and it benefits everyone!

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Give Slack extra power

Our smooth integration transforms your Slack channels into a wellbeing and HR powerhouse.

Request time off, tackle tasks, or talk through an issue with Emma AI – all without ever leaving Slack! It intuitively adds all the Plumm features you love into your daily workflow.

Connect Plumm with Slack to boost team happiness and streamline your workday.

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It’s simple and secure

Integrate Plumm with Okta for secure and efficient user authentication and access management.

This means your existing identity and access management system doesn’t need any tweaks. Everything just works.

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Looking for something else?

We know everyone’s unique. That's why we’re always ready to help with custom integrations.

Our team of experts is here to chat about your unique needs and explore the best way to connect Plumm with your existing tools.  

Don't let a lack of integration hold you back! Give your team the Plumm experience.