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into People-Power!

Gain valuable insights into your team's wellbeing and performance with Plumm Analytics. 

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Identify trends and patterns

Easily view employee mood, productivity, and expected ROI of your wellbeing initiatives and time saved by AI.


Make data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions based on comprehensive analytics reports tailored to your needs.


Enhance employee experience

Identify areas for improvement, celebrate wins, and create a culture that values wellbeing.

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Are your people happy?

It can be a challenge to understand your team. 

Analytics and insights reveal the pulse of your workplace and let you see the overall mood and how it’s linked to productivity.

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Make informed choices

Detailed analytics let you make strategic decisions and turn all your workplace data into a valuable resource.

You can generate insights on almost everything. From the reasons teams are taking time off, to how individuals and your workplace goals are progressing, and much more.

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Drive positive change

Turn all these insights into actionable strategies. Promote a culture of growth and self-care among your team.

Whether it’s recommending specific activities such as 1:1s therapy or rebalancing workload. HR will make better decisions when they have access to the data.

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Reports that make HR easy

Whether launching new initiatives or creating reports for the rest of the company, Plumm makes things simple.

In just a few clicks you can generate custom reports. Our AI saves you even more time by generating a clear summary of the report.